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Mexico Event

Here are some pictures from the event of May 10

Our event ” Mexico: Travel and Art ”, in collaboration with Mexico’s Tourism Bureau, was just perfect!

On May 10, at the Gora Gallery in Montreal, we had an unforgettable time.

It was a unique opportunity for us to present one of the still unknown parts of Mexico: Puebla! Odyssea Travel is committed to bringing you to the discovery of quality destinations with our distinctive service.

In addition, during this evening, we had the honor of having the presence of the Mexican artist Cristina Kahlo, photographer and grand-niece of the famous painter Frida Kahlo. She was able to introduce us to many aspects of Mexican culture through her incredible photos.

Thank you to Amb. Alejandro Estivill, from the Consulate General of Mexico in Montreal, and his family for coming to this event and appreciating our work.

We also want to highlight the presence of famous personalities in this high-quality audience. We want to thank you for your trust. We will always be one step forward to satisfy you! Our promise: you’ll love where we take you.

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