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Popup - Catalogue [FR]

By Carole R.

First of all, leave your suitcase at the hotel that you have chosen, no doubt, because of its location inside the walls of ancient Rome. Just about all your most treasured memories, your fascination and your best photos, await you.

Then, don’t waste any more time and go lose yourself in the alleys near the unmissable Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon or Piazza Navona. To immortalise these precious monuments, make your way through the hordes of tourists and, above all, be patient … tourists, by definition, will soon move on and it will be your turn to smile for your favourite photographer! 

At the corner of some alley or another, because you will certainly be lost by now, and so be it, you will stumble across an adorably cute trattoria, with its chairs set out in the alley under voluminous parasols. Stop and don’t be shy to happily mix together as many languages as you need ​​to make yourself understood. The owners will do the same and you will have an unforgettable experience. They will be proud to prepare you their best dishes. Tip: If you want to see them extremely happy, don’t leave anything on your plate!

Terrasse, Rome

Take a break for a few minutes to listen to a guitarist or cellist. If you are lucky, they will play a melody for you that will bring tears to your eyes. Throw them a few coins, even if this unique moment was actually worth a lot more. 


Fall under the spell of this Italian beauty: her palaces, her grandiose fountains, her Romans and their heated discussions, her Romans with their unique sense of style, and, of course, allow yourself to fall in love with her at every new experience, it’s that simple!

Rome is not just a city of ruins, although there are many. There is a special atmosphere here that makes people happy. Is this what they call “la dolce vita”?

Continue and keep that tourist smile as you have been conquered by the charms of Rome.

Keep smiling, you know why? 

Because if, like me, you had the chance to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain … you will definitely be back.

Fontaine de Trevi, Rome

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