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Popup - Catalogue [FR]

By Carole R.

It well known that all the beautiful stories start with: “Once upon a time …”

So, let me start mine by …

“If once upon a time, only once in your life, Halloween lasted for 3 or 4 days or, why not, even a week?

If once upon a time, only once, you would participate in an amazing and surprising candy hunt for a day, 3 days or why not, even a week?

And listen, if only once, when all the ghosts of a haunted castle were freed to go in search of a thousandth ghost, and you saw them running and shouting: Boo! Boo! You would not be afraid … well … maybe… maybe a little bit, just a little bit, to be part of the game, and if only to participate as adults, and that’s it!

If once upon a time, only once, in your so funny costume, you were offered treats in LARGE quantities!!! Can you imagine? And if only now, you could put them in a HUGE bag!!! Could you imagine?

If only one evening, only once, in front of a castle all illuminated, let’s say…Cinderella’s castle, you saw before you characters confront each other like in the movies, good characters and evil characters, say… Disney characters, yes, what would you say? Who would win the battle? What is your guess?

If only one night, only once, where the incredible fireworks were so beautiful, so big, so luminous that your eyes would shed tears of joy and your smile would hurt your jaw! It is possible, you know. I have already seen it!

And if once upon a time, only once, where your heart, your eyes, your inner child’s laughter can be amazed by all, do you think you could remember it forever? “


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