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Popup - Catalogue [FR]

By Carole R.

There are trips you return from that make you ponder having rubbed shoulders with misery and poverty.

There are trips that revitalize you because you have matched the rhythms of the city that has renewed itself to the new millennium.

And there are, yet, those trips that give you a lot of insight and make you think they’d been waiting for you for a long time. You know these places; they look like a suddenly livened postcard.

Well, I believe that some Greek islands have always been waiting for me. While setting down my suitcases, these Greeks would start incessantly repeating to me that this blue sky, that exists only on their islands, would fill up my eyes. This blue color which is used to adorn the roofs and houses each year looks like it is specially there to welcome us, the tourists, and to welcome us. Oh! And they know how to welcome you and they know how to remain unforgettable.

They prepared themselves long before my arrival: the blue roofs to be repainted, the flowers to be arranged along the stairs, and the white stones walls, cleaned only to blind me!

Indeed! That’s how they made me feel during my stay on their islands. They made me believe that these pretty white and blue tablecloths were waiting for me only at the turn of every pathway on the incredible island of Mykonos. Its legendary pelicans, its windmills, its labyrinth of small gray and white streets are so clean that you can easily believe they are washed every morning. It was so enjoyable to walk there at dawn when everything is calm.

Mykonos famous pelicans

Ah! again… they made me believe that this unique blue sky had adorned itself with that dazzling color only for me in Santorini. And this city, Oia, has somehow attached itself to the flank of heaven while waiting for me forever so that I could grasp the incredible beauty and mystifying tranquility.

I still enjoy the chivalrous and disconcerting atmosphere of the island of Rhodes where, for a few days, I enjoyed living as a princess waiting for her Lancelot in the old fortified town.

Oh yeah! They made me believe that they had prepared everything for my stay to keep it unforgettable.

And it was so good to believe.
And I love to believe they are still waiting for me.

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