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A User’s Guide to Rome, the essentials for a successful trip!

First of all, leave your suitcase at the hotel that you have chosen, no doubt, because of its location inside the walls of ancient Rome. Just about all your most treasured memories, your fascination and your best photos, await you.

Unforgettable islands of Greece

There are trips you return from that make you ponder having rubbed shoulders with misery and poverty. There are trips that revitalize you because you have matched the rhythms of the city that has renewed itself to the new millennium.

Vietnam, the country of a thousand smiles!

They are individuals filled with resilience, who have learned, the hard way, not to give up. After surviving the Indochina war and the American war, after having lived 7 years in long and narrow stone tunnels, how can they smile so much? Do they want to make up for having cried for so long?

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